Nevada Test Site: Genesis is providing technical expertise for the TRU OSB repack project Responsible for overall implementation of the transuranic (TRU) waste Visual Examinat ion (VE) program, including but not limited to, providing guidance during all VE events, ensuring all functions are performed in accordance with Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) criteria in order to maintain or promote characterization and certification of TRU waste. Provide training and suppport for the Operational Readiness Review as well as Management Assessments..
Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project Idaho: Provide personnel for the overall responsibility to implement and assess the transuranic (TRU) waste Visual Examination (VE) program. Scope of services includes, but is not limited to, ensuring all operations, including treatment, are performed in accordance with Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), Waste Analysis Plan (WAP), applicable Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements, WIPP Contact-Handled Waste Acceptance Criteria (CH-WAC), Contact-Handled TRUPACT-II Authorized Methods for Payload Control (CH-TRAMPAC), State requirements, site Approved Methods of Work (AMOWs)/Permits to Work (PTWs) and applicable AMWTP procedures. Scope also includes training of Visual Examiners, Visual Examination Experts and Validation personnel, r esolving characterization issues with Acceptable Knowledge (AK) personnel, and providing guidance in the use of the Waste Tracking System (WTS) in order to maintain or promote characterization and certification of TRU waste. Major legacy waste generators consist of Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site and Mound. Personnel were directly responsible for achieving the original goal of safely shipping 6000 cubic meters of TRU waste from AMWTP to WIPP for disposal and 7842 cubic meters as of present. .

Recent Projects


Nevada Test Site: TRU Project Performed characterization and repackaging of TRU waste material in a glove box environment as Visual Examination Operator in preparation for disposal at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) facility. Provided Visual Examination Experts for the verification of repackaged material and review of Acceptable Knowledge (AK) and other relevant documentation regarding the waste containers. Responsible for the documentation of findings as required, including but not limited to, logbook and database entries. Responsible for Batch Data Report review consisting of Independent Technical Review, Technical Supervisor and Quality Assurance prior to relinquishing BDR's to CCP. Participated in the RA for dart install. Proficient in the venting of TRU waste containers utilizing the pneumatic DART installation unit. Performed tracking of waste containers and pertinent ÒMaterial at RiskÓ values during distribution to appropriate operational units. Performed HEPA filter change-outs for glovebox and Headspace Gas Sampling systems. Initiated VE process improvements resulting in increased production and meeting project goals. Assisted with Mobile Loading Unit (MLU) operations during preparation for shipment. Assisted Environmental group with pilot remediation project in Area 25. Participated in Operational Readiness Review and startup activities.
McClellan Air Force Base California Provided Health Physics Technician/Equipment Operator to complete the surveys of waste conveyances for release in accordance withDOT guidelines. Inspected and prepared containers for loading operations in compliance with DOT and MHF guidelines. Assisted in all aspects of site mobilization and demob. Provided equipment operator in the loading and movement of waste conveyances.
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