Genesis is registered with the Central Contractor Registration, a resource utilized by the DOE to ensure that companies within the required parameters gain the ability to bid on federal government contracts. Genesis is currently slated to meet with the Department of Energy 6/23 to proceed with the matchmaking process to align ourselves with a Mentor to ensure of company growth and development. Although well versed in all aspects of radioactive waste management, Genesis specializes in providing personnel experienced in the management of Transuranic (TRU) Waste and the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) which is currently the only repository for waste of this type. TRU waste is radioactive waste that falls within certain criteria most of which is a result of nuclear weapons production during the cold war era. TRU waste is itself divided into two categories, based on its level of radioactivity:
  • Contact-handled Transuranic waste (CH-TRU) which accounts for approximately 96 percent of the volume of waste destined for the WIPP
  • Remote-handled Transuranic waste (RH-TRU) making up the remainder of waste destined for the WIPP

The DOE has been approved to store a maximum of 6.2 million cubic feet of TRU waste at the WIPP with an existing inventory of defense-generated waste totaled roughly 2.32 million cubic feet as of 2006. In addition, an estimated 3.7 million cubic feet of TRU waste is expected to be generated over the next 35 years as specified DOE defense sites are closed. As of April 6, 2008, disposal volumes at WIPP are as follows: CH-TRU waste volume - 54,257 cubic meters and RH-TRU waste volume - 50 cubic meters

Companies managing the characterization, transportation and disposal of TRU waste are fast becoming an industry necessity because of DOE's

and state legislation dictating the removal of this waste type to be removed from associated storage facilities and permanently placed in WIPP's facility within outlined time frames.

Currently waste being stored at Nevada and Idaho locations has been targeted to ship with sites in Washington and New Mexico to follow suit. Genesis has already demonstrated proficiency in satisfying the WAC for the WIPP hence leading to our third contract with a potential to be awarded future contracts to train current staffing as well as supplement current staffing.

The Department of Energy obligates over 20 Billion dollars each fiscal year to Transuranic projects. The Department of Energy has laid out a specific timeframe as well as sites that have been targeted for Environmental Cleanup. Genesis has the ability to fill the needs required to meet project expectations and goals by staffing personnel to maintain Prime contractors to sustain through the peaks and valleys of project milestones.

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